TwinSilent is a two-seat  composite ultralight glider with front electric engine installation. Is designed mainly for leisure thermal flights. Its performance is comparable to common two-seat gliders.  The handling  is very easy thanks to its light weight. The wheels on the wing ends allow for independent taxiing and take off.
Is equipped with complete duplicate controls and avionics. These make it suitable for flying schools that provide training on motorless and motorized gliders.
Instrumentation is fully optional - the customer can either choose instruments from our list of avionics manufacturers or he/she can supply the instrumentation himself/herself during the production of the ordered aircraft.

The Twin Silent can be delivered with an entire range of accessories and trailers.
The flight characteristics, the quality of design, the wide range of instrumentation offered as well as the reliable power unit are key reasons for the popularity and commercial success of the glider. Since the completion and testing of the first prototype in 2005 (with 2 stroke thermic engine) now ready for the first glider two seat with Front electric engine able to self launch.


Technical Data
Wing span18 m
Wing area12.01 m2
Aspect ratio24
Length8.24 m
Number of seats2
MTOW without BRS450 kg
MTOW with BRS472 kg 
Weight of crew and fuel 65 - 188 kg
Vne205 km/h
Max. maneuvering speed150 km/h
Max. speed with extended air brakes      150 km/h
Max. speed in aerotow150 km/h
Stall speed65 km/h
Max. theor. glide ratio without winglets  37 at 105 km/h
Max. glide ratio with winglets 39 at 105 km/h 
Min. sink rate0,65 m/s at 85 km/h
Max. permitted load factor+4 / -2 
Max. calculated load factor+5.2 / -2.6

Power unit
EngineEmrax Brushless
Power44 kW 
PropellerComposite, 1200mm

Safety Paracute BRS

Retractable Main landing gear

Self louncher 
Engine mount study